Art Book Design

Art Book Design

Designer, Mark Murphy is dedicated to the art of bookmaking and loves to create forward-thinking, savvy, premium editions. 

Books are forever-documents. When their pages are read by future generations, they will have marked the legacy of early 21st-century art, and the artists who defined the course of history.

Murphy Design’s art books are for those looking to feel inspired—people who love the visceral experience of reading and the feel of a finely tuned instrument with the turn of each page.

Writing contributor, image-maker, and art collector John Purlia shares, “Exceptional art awaits, often undiscovered until now, along with personal artifacts, historical perspectives, and exclusive behind the scenes access. Each page, and every detail illustrated upon it, is generously crafted with a meticulous eye.”

Murphy Design supports artists and the art community, including foundations, galleries, institutions, and museums. Dedicated to their vision, Murphy Design has built a reputation dedicated to uniting the public with artistic endeavors through curation, book, design, and cultural events.

Featured images Trenton Doyle Hancock (top image 3 & 4, under text from EMIT), Archiving Artists by Mark Murphy, Mark Whalen from Ramble Ramble at OTI, Jason Shawn Alexander (image 4 under text from SIC); and Ray Caesar (limited edition cover, image 5).

Trenton Doyle Hancock
EMIT by Trenton Doyle Hancock at the Ringling, catalog complimenting Artzy Bascheff’s TIME Magazine Cover of Louis Marx
Tenton Doyle Hancock
Trenton Doyle Hancock, EMIT, exhibition catalog for the Ringling Art Museum
Ramble Ramble by Mark Whalen
”Ramble Ramble“ by Mark Whalen published by Over the Influence
Jason Shawn Alexander
Jason Shawn Alexander portrait of Wendell for the 101/exhibit gallery exhibition
Museum Exhibition and Book Design
Yolanda Gonzalez: Dream of Family art exhibition and book project for the Vincent Price Art Museum
Ray Caesar
Ray Caesar Art Collection Volume One Limited Edition
Ray Caesar
Ray Caesar Limited Edition Book and dotless prints produced by Mark Murphy and for Jonathan LeVine Art Gallery
Artist Marketing and Design Services
BABEL by Martin Wittfooth fine art book edition
Artist Martin Wittfooth
Working with Martin Wittfooth deserved many years of analyzing his work before we even got started on his first artist monograph, BABEL.