Hello. I’m Mark Murphy.


Murphy Design serves Art and Business pros looking for creative design, branding, and strategic marketing solutions.

Founder and Art Director, Mark Murphy, is one of the nation’s leading thought leaders on the impact of art and design. Books and business publications actively showcase his work, as well as the Library of Congress, design exhibits, and art museums.

Mark’s client experience has produced award-winning projects for Brandon Boyd, Cartoon Network, Clint Eastwood, Green Day, Laguna Art Museum, McGraw-Hill, MCASD, Riverside Art Museum, Sony Music, Vincent Price Art Museum, Warner Bros. and inspirational artists from around the world. 


Murphy Design Inc.

We are a creative agency with a charismatic focus on artists, brands, galleries, museums, and publishers. Passionate about business, art, and typography, while practicing an extensive range of print and digital marketing experience.

Art PR and Marketing

Attracting the right audience, creating engaging content, and inspiring community participation is what it’s all about. Innovative design practices, choice curation, and authentic storytelling are the backbone of what we’re are all about.

Branding by Design

Back in the day, nothing was more challenging than creating and managing annual reports for big business. Today, like never before, we are driven to construct high-quality multimedia branding campaigns with distinctive flair, while remaining a standout graphic design agency.


Murphy Design Art and Branding
Riverside Art Museum
Vincent Price Art Museum
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